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Mission Board



     On Wednesday, August 19th, the Mission Board met at the home of Jane Holler and Dan Marecki, chairmen of the Board to view the Dedication Video they took of St. Brendan, Kitete, Tanzania.




      St. Gabriel's Mission Board under the direction of Jane Holler and Daniel Marecki met Wednesday, August 19th at 6:30 pm at their home where members had a picnic dinner, engaged in a lively discussion and then viewed a video of the Dedication of the new St. Brendan Church, Kitete, Tanzania. 

       The board set a few priorities for the upcoming months.  The first priority is to set up a meeting with Rev. Declan Creighton to inform him about the "sister parish relationship" that began in the year 2001. The meeting will provide an opportunity to share with him the video of the Dedication of the New Church at St. Brendan as well set up avenues to continue our relationship with St. Brendan.






The new St. Brendan's Church, Fr. Prosper Tesha, CSC vision completed! 

      The years 2013-2014 were years of planning and construction of the new St. Brendan's Church, Kitete, Tanzania.  The tasks were under the direction of parish priest, Rev. Prosper Tesha, CSC and his committee.  The fundraising was an enormous task.  Parishioners of St. Brendan and its related sub-churches, friends of St. Brendan, St Gabriel of Milford, the Congregation of Holy Cross, the District of East Africa and the Mbulu Diocese each contributed to the construction.

       In February St Gabriel requested the interior churche's needs.  We were sent a list.  The St. Gabriel Mission Board decided to assist with altar cloths, linens, chasubles and stoles, and ciboria.  We were informed that a Holy Cross Brothers' residence in West Haven, Connecticut had such items available for the missions.  We were delighted to accept the items above including three ciboria, altar candles and incense. 

      The Mission Board is grateful to the Brothers of Holy Cross and is delighted with the gracious giving of its parishioners for our "Sister Parish's" construction needs.  We look forward to upcoming celebration of dedication of the parish.                                                                 




     The huge task of Fr. Tesha in rebuilding St. Brendan parish church and making its facilities more suited to the needs of its ministries is now concluded.  Fr. Tesha needs a rest and time to recoup his energies.  


February 2015
Kitete, Tanzania

Dear friends, St Gabriel's Parish, Special Greetings,
I hope everyone is fine and everything is going on well with you.
I do appreciate a lot your willingness and efforts towards building of God's kingdom in Kitete Parish. The work for the construction of the Church is in progress and nearly complete.
The church structure is completed and its roof on. The following are also done:  plastering, applying gypsum powder,  painting 50%, window glass 40%, the floor, public address system, wiring, doors and the altar. What is done is almost 97%. As I write, we have started using the church because the school hall is small comparing to the number of Christians who attend the services. 
We are so grateful to all the Mission Board members and the entire community of St Gabriel Parish for your tireless efforts towards supporting us. Thank you for 'being there' for the people of Kitete. We appreciate your great love, generosity and concern towards building of the faith and the Church. It is because of such great sacrifice that we can now pray in a more ministerially conducive and prayerful environment.
I also wanted to inform you that I have been given a new assignment as from February, 2015. It has been a blessing working with you and you have been so helpful to me and the mission in Kitete. I pray for God's blessings upon you and the work that you are doing for people of God.
The new administration for Kitete Parish is
Fr Constantine Changwe  ----- Parish Priest
Fr George Lucas ------------House Director/ Assistant Parish Priest
Fr Sebastian Mulinge ------Assistant Parish Priest
I pray for God's blessings on them and the strength and energy they will need to meet the needs of the parishioners of St. Brendan.
I wish you all the best and may God continue to bless you.
Fr. Prosper Tesha,csc



     Fr. Maurice Maroney established a Mission Board in February 2008 to carry on the commitment between St. Brendan Parish, Kitete, Tanzanaia as St. Gabriel's "Sister Parish." 
     A faith-based relationship dates from February 2000 when Br. Larry Lussier, CSC, pastoral associate at St. Gabriel proposed a "Sister Parish" relationship between the pastors and pastoral councils of both parishes.  After consultation in both parishes, pastors and pastoral councils signed documents officially beginning the relationship.  The leadership of the Congregation of Holy Cross in East Africa responsible for staffing St. Brendan's as well as leadership of the Holy Cross Congregation in the United States agreed and signed official documents.  Thus was born the "Sister Parish" relationship.
     Since 2000 the relationship has brown with communications through we-mails and a web site as well as visits from priests of St. Brendan and visits by parishioners of St. Gabriel.  Over the years, St. Gabriel parishioners extended their hands and hearts in solidarity with St. Brendan through prayer support and financial assistance.
     Fr. Prosper Tesha, CSC pastor of St. Brendan and Fr. Maurice Maroney, pastor of St. Gabriel continue to build bridges between the parishes.  The level of understanding, friendship, sharing and mutuality between the parishes is a value both pastors are committed to growing.
     After eight years of coordinating the mission effort, Br. Larry Lussier, CSC suggested to Fr. Maroney that a Mission Board be created to advise and toke on activities of assisting St. Brendan.  Fr. Maroney appointed Jane Holler and Dan Marecki as co-chairs to lead that effort.
Members of the Board
Maureen Gorman, Suzette Hallstrom, Jane Holler, Br. Larry Lussier, CSC, Dan Marecki, John and Rose Marie Marmolejo, Patricia Pritchard, and Richard Wheeling.  
Mission Board
Standing: Patricia Pritchard, Jane Holler, Suzette Hallstrom
Sitting: Rose Marie Marmolejo, Dan Marecki, John Marmolejo, Richard Wheeling.

June 23, 2013



      The Mission Board kicked off its "Buy a Brick Campaign" June 23 2013 to run thoughout the summer to assist our sister parish, St. Brendan, Kitete, Tanzania tbuild a new church.
Brief History
     St. Brendan was founded in 1964 by the Pallotine Fathers and reverted back to the Diocese of Mbulu until the Congregation of Holy Cross approached the diocese to become pastorally responsible for the parish in 2000.  Since that time the church has been growing in membership and has served over the past 49 years all the parishioners along with 5 sub-churches.  However the 50 year old church has fallen into disrepair due to its old age.
     Fr. Prosper Tesha, CSC Pastor was assigned in 2012.  He and the parish council were faced with a church that was not safe and could not be repaired due to deteriorization of walls.  Therefore the only conclusion was to build a new church that would be able to offer the parishioners the ministries of sacrarmental worshop, eveangelization, community services that could reach the sub-churches.  The total building cost is expected to be $170,000.  The interior of the church will need an altar, sanctuary and pews.  The building will also have a large hall, anthree verandas to hold meetings and instructional workshops.  See the building's arthitectural design below:


     St. Gabriel will open a fundraiser for St. Brendan, Kitete under the theme of “Rebuilding God’s House” to assist St. Brendan’s faith community to build a new church complex. Several events are scheduled to kick off the fund raiser beginning at the weekend Masses of May 18th and 19th.  
  • First, St. Gabriel’s parish will celebrate a special Feast Day Mass to pray for and honor our sister parish relationship with St. Brendan’s Parish on Pentecost Sunday, May 19th at the 11 am Mass. Music Director John Swingler has agreed to learn the song “Hakuna Mungu Coma Wewe.” 
  • Second, a large poster picture of St. Brendan the Navigator, Patron Saint of St. Brendan’s, Kitete will be displayed in the sanctuary beginning that weekend.
  • Third, Suzette Hallstrom has ordered 400 prayer cards that the St. Gabriel School children will pass out after Masses that weekend. 
  • Fourth, Richard Wheeling described the “Buy a Brick” fundraising program where people can buy a brick for $10. The campaign will run from 5/19 to 6/16/13. He will print out “bricks” to be displayed with donor’s names in vestibule. Richard also designed a flyer to be inserted in the bulletin the weekend of May 11th & 12th.
  • Fifth, a 6 minute video of St. Brendan’s will highlight cameos of Fr. Comfort Agele, CSC, former pastor of St. Brendan and Rev. David Eliaona, CSC who served at St. Brendan’s for many years. The video will be seen after Communion on the weekend of May 18th and 19th. The video will be produced by Joan Marmolejo.
  • Sixth, donations for the “Buy a Brick” fundraiser will be accepted after the Masses on May 18th and 19th. Envelopes will be provided for donations in the foyer of the church.  
Other tasks:.
  • Fr. David will email Jane the names and some information on the students at the Audrey Veldman School who are in need of assistance.
  • The Mission Board hopes to receive a listing of needs for the new church (altar, pews, priest’s chair, tabernacle, etc.) for future fund raising.  
  • The Board discussed: putting names of donors in the bulletin, going outside the parish for contributions, Fr. David will email a photo of the new church to Joan Marmolejo.
  • Br. Larry will check on whether PayPal can be placed on Kitete website for donations. 
  • For whoever will be introducing the fundraiser after Communion, the following information should be helpful.
  • Fr. David reported that the cost of the new church is $170,000 plus. Fr. Prosper asked each family to contribute $30 for Phase One. There are 9,000 to 12,000 Christians in the parish. They expect that Holy Cross and the diocese will also contribute. They have a 50 person committee for the Jubilee. Each member will give $300. The walls and roof will be complete by October 14th, 2014.


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